Cakap tak serupa bikin in english

By | March 14, 2014

Meaningless word…

Sambil2 praktis bahasa inggeris aku ok tak, nampaknya.. ermmm. dasat! ;D

Cakap tak serupa bikin = walk the talk * rujuk wiki :

Have you ever being in this kind of situation, where you try to talk to someone who are dear to you, or someone you like / or close to you but the conversations alway end up with such word…ermm. i dont know how to say it, but it wasnt something that you wanna it to be ended.

Example, you tried to talk to your mom asking for her help to finish up your homework. But she alway said later, not now, next time etc. Maybe for the first time you heard she saying that it will be like, ok no problem. But how about when the conversations alway end up like that. She never even try to help you. Just keep saying the same thing over and over again without fail. LOL ;D

In my own life up until now, i used to meet this kinda of people. A lot of them. Make me feel’s like to giving up to this people. You know what i mean? Which mean, everytime i meet this kinda of people, i wont try to ask for their help anymore, i’ll try my best to find another alternative. Hehehe. Because i dont wanna get that kind of answer again.

Getting answer which are uncertain, without even trying to make things better everytime, everyday wont make any good / improvement or benefits. But when I started to rebel (giving up, stop talking or asking for help) to this kind of people, they will be like are you hate me? Or why dont you wanna talk to me? Do you have any problem? Why dont you wanna share with me?

Why? Why and Why?

I dont even understand why in the first place people like this doing and saying thing that they will never even try to make it happen. Meaningless. And they keep saying and asking the same thing over and over again. And in this few days. I started to think of the answer. Maybe. Maybe because they think things that i said were something that unimportant to them, so they just say whatever they wanna say just to give me hope or courage, whatever, but they forgot 1 thing.

Just 1 thing.

Maybe thing that i said / asking was nothing to them, but for me it wasnt. It was so important, so that is why i try so hard just to get it up the way i want it. But you know, even how hard we try luck doesnt always be on our side. Like in the movie, they alway said the same thing when something bad happen. What was it? ahh! Shit happen. ;D

P/s: Try google translate the word “shit happen” in Malay, you gonna laugh harder. Haha

And lastly, in my own experience after living in this world so called earth, when people just keep saying things like that. It because they dont even wanna be bother or have any interest on your topic / yourself and whatever related to the conversation. Thats why. I called it a day. Its time to stop. Stop trying, i guess forever?Not because i hate them, but because it will never be better unless they change themself. But i guess, it will never happen. It will be like dream come true. Heh.

P.p.s : The worst part is when you told them a few times already that you hate to be treated like that, they just ignore and keep doing the same thing again and again. What a nightmare!


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